What We Do...

Instant Video Replay is a full service video production company.

Instant Video Replay opened its doors over thirty years ago. The company has since emerged as an industry leader and innovator in multi media products and services, providing the most effective tools for communications in the corporate, commercial and legal industries.

Legal Services

Instant Video Replay assists attorneys and trial consultants in preparation for trial or gathering research. From filming and editing depositions to witness prep videos, Instant Video Replay is an invaluable partner in trial preparation.
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Corporate & Commercial Services

Instant Video Replay provides full service video production for a wide range of corporate and commercial clients, utilizing experienced script writers and the finest production tools.
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About IVR...

Helen Knox, founder and owner of Instant Video Replay is a pioneer in the video production field producing high quality multi-media products. She has produced award winning documentaries for her commercial and corporate sector clients, and brings experience and expertise to every project.

Instant Video Replay brings together talented scriptwriters, camera operators, sound technicians, voice over talent, actors, graphic designers and all the elements necessary to produce your video.

Members of our team travel worldwide, offering clients consistent "worry free" expertise and value.